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Scales of War (HoEV) by Timothius
Scales of War (HoEV)
I finally made a full color pic of the group of heroes from Scales of War as played at my friend's house (I'm playing Scales of War in a play-by-post thread as well with different characters). This group has become known as the "Heroes of the Elsir Vale" (hence the HoEV in the title of the pic). This label for the heroes was coined due to them never agreeing on a team name, but all of them agreeing they saved everyone in the Elsir Vale a number of times. XD

This pic was meant as a gift to the group. But I wanted to finish it in time for Wren's player's birthday. Success! Happy birthday, Cisco!

Clockwise starting from top right: T'shock (cambion fighter), Jake (human wizard), Reverie (hengeyokai warlock), Asuna (genasi shaman), Wren (eladrin ranger)

About the characters:

To say T'shock is tough would be like saying stone is kinda hard. T'shock can take hit after hit after hit and still wonder when the enemy will cause her to bleed. Not only is she hard to damage, T'shock does not stay under the effects of any kind of bad status for long. And yet, she can dish out some decent damage. As a fighter, T'shock can mark enemies, making them think twice about fighting anyone but her lest they feel a real nasty slash from the half-demon. This combined with her toughness make T'shock define tank. T'shock is also in a constant struggle against her demon side; having a strong need to destroy everything means that most of her heroing works fine, but she has to keep herself in check around people who are merely jerks. T'shock and Wren tend to both lead the team rather than one or the other fully taking the roll. But T'shock leads from sheer aggressiveness (and tends to speak her mind), yet the girl looks up to Wren and has a lot of respect for his decisions, so she oft asks him what to do, or just plain obeys whatever he says.

The wizard of the group, Jake, tends to take the rear and find the safest distance to be at. But he never sacrifices his team's safety in favor of his own (it just happens that most times, his absolute safety doesn't need to be sacrificed for the team to benefit). Jake is capable of constant invisibility (Including the ability to make his team invisible), HUGE explosions, and of course, controlling the battlefield when Wren and T'shock don't already have positioning handled. While almost all of his intellect goes into studying the arcane, Jake has shown some rather sound tactics in combat time and again. Jake is a somewhat reserved person. When he started out, all he wanted was to be treated with respect. Now, as a hero of an entire region and close friend to heroes of like caliber, Jake is in a good place. Now if he can just get Reverie to be a little more sane...

Warlocks are already a bit of a "misunderstood antihero", but Reverie is a Star-pact warlock. As such, Reverie deals with knowledge most would agree is best left unknown (Think Cthulhu, tentacles, etc). This has had an effect on the otherwise girly-girl. Reverie has a soft voice, loves poetry, and enjoys the screams of her enemies. However, her own levels of sanity (or lack thereof) are crystal clear to her and she enjoys "teasing" Jake (he's an easy target) with things like asking if he wanted to keep the heart of her latest victim. But when push comes to shove, Reverie is quite sane and will do anything for her team. As a warlock, Reverie shares a love for the arcane with Jake, while also able to assist him in controlling the battlefield. She is one of the team's two damage dealers, though her specialty is clearly destroying lieutenants and groups of enemies. Reverie loves empowering Wren during final-boss fights. However, lately, Reverie has been literally stealing chunks of her life to harm her enemies even more.

The team healer, Asuna is able to do any and all healing the team needs and more. Sure, she can cure status effects and close wounds, but Asuna shines even when the team is finding themselves relatively unharmed all fight light. As a shaman, Asuna has a spirit bear companion who acts as a secondary tank to T'shock. Asuna is also able to cause Wren to take extra actions. Asuna's spirit bear is also able to cause insubstantial enemies (such as ghosts) to become just as vulnerable to attacks as normal enemies. As healer, Asuna has been worried for Reverie a lot lately. Asuna's role has been fully supportive to all of her team.

Wren is very tactical and decisive while also being a strong, stable character. He is the team's primary damage dealer in boss fights (And oft battling Reverie for DD status in all the other fights) and tends to use his two swords to incredible effect. When he can't get in close, he just pulls out his bow and reminds the enemy rangers can be just as deadly at range. Wren is also very good with manuvering and not only benefits from moving about, but aids T'shock a lot with his movements.

The characters have all grown to be a very close, tight-nit group. Each one of them would lay down their life for the other and have a bond that can only be described as "family". I wanted to show that side of them in this pic. They have been through Hell together. They have had a song made about them, sung to them by a city of celestial beings. They have had little reprieve between the constant attacks on the Prime Material Plane. They have seen friends die. But they have always had each other. The team is currently level 18. Here's to the rest of our 12 more levels together!
Shayock dance disco by Timothius
Shayock dance disco
Not sure why I never uploaded this one but here it is. :) I'm gonna be uploading some old pics that, for various reasons, I never got around to uploading.
This is my ewok Shayock. She wound up at a party with a dance floor and had a good time. Playing with those lights was... well I was second-guessing myself a lot since I wasn't using any layering on this one. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!
Joe Bionic Commando by Timothius
Joe Bionic Commando
This is a friend's character named Joe Darkthorne. The friend had a birthday, so I offered a pic to him. He asked for his character Joe to be in the old NES Bionic Commando cover, but with Sonic SATAM style replacements for the enemies. Bonus! One of the bats is actually a bot from megaman as a quick cameo. It fits because both Megaman and Bionic Commando were capcom.
Teon Lalafell (Commission) by Timothius
Teon Lalafell (Commission)
Another commission from :iconteonbuns: ! His character Teon in the FFXIV universe as a Lalafell! :)
....that game is BEAUTIFUL!
Just a random note of curiosity: How do you create your characters? What inspires you?

I've created hundreds of characters, but they come about all kinds of different ways. Some start as fan characters, others are just because I wanna make a character for the sake of making a character. Sometimes the drawing comes first, sometimes the concept comes first. Great examples include:

Liberty - Originally made for the Pokémon setting. She has since proven to be a fun character in any setting.
Maverick - Originally named Tassadar because he was a Starcraft fancharacter. I've since used him in every other setting.
Emerald - Kinda funny.. if it's possible to make a fan character for your own created setting, Emmy falls into that. I made her as a non-cannon character for my Faction universe just to play as someone who isn't altering the fate of the universe.
Angel - fully original cannon character in my Faction universe. I just like bunnies so it was a matter of time before I made a bunny. Made such for extra irony that she's a pirate lord.
Orion - A lizard character I made because I saw an adorable looking guy lizard and I hadn't made any lizard characters. So this one was inspired by someone else's art.
Dido - My first D&D character, the halfling paladin was made for the setting. Obviously, halflings don't really fit much in any other setting, but he is certainly an original character inspired by the few guide lines of "halfling" and "paladin". :)

So share your fave personal characters and how they came about! What inspired their creation? :)


Tim Fewell
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Personal Quote: It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years.

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